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Pre-Entry Detection

Our first theme of Home Security Systems is to design "Pre-Entry Detection". Simply stated this means that we design a system for your family that will alert you, and a potential intruder, that he has been detected prior to gaining entry. This approach is meant to eliminate unwanted physical confrontations and notify the authorities of the threat.

Statistics demonstrate that when a potential intruder is aware he has been detected prior to gaining entry, he will not come in and will flee the immediate vicinity.

A successfully designed Home Security Systems gives you peace of mind, protects your family and protects your investment.

To D-Tec that means... "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

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Family Fire Safety

We look forward to the opportunity of answering all your questions regarding our
"Pre-Entry" and "Fire Safe" designs.

Remember - Contact Us before your new home or renovation has the interior walls
completed. To provide the best possible service we need to wire your home at the
same time as your electrical contractor.

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