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Home Theatre

Whether you are the owner an Estate Home, a traditional 2-storey or a condominium with a view, D-Tec can build you an outstanding customized home theatre system with high definition fidelity surround sound that will make you believe you are actually immersed into the action.

As part of our commitment to you, we can neatly hide all those unwanted cables and wires, mount speakers in areas that will make you think they were part of the original construction and provide you with a system that rivals going to the movies.

Building a new home? D-Tec is familiar with the construction practices of many builders in Southern Ontario and can incorporate the lastest home theatre technologies as soon as the framing is complete. Contact Us as soon as you have signed your purchase agreement and we can review your home construction plans to determine the best approach.

Houses Must Evolve With Technology...

As home-based entertainment becomes increasingly more sophisticated, houses with traditional wiring will be obsolete at birth! Real Estate experts agree that a home wired for home entertainment increases resale value. Protect your investment. Be prepared for tomorrow's sophisticated technology today!

Thinking Ahead...

Having a home wired for a home entertainment system now means less hassle in the future. As newer, better and faster technology emerge, the cabling D-Tec integrated into your home will adapt providing you endless possibilities to embrace whatever is the latest advancements.

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