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Custom / Structured Cabling

You might think that people with a serious interest in computing and hi-tech home entertainment are the only ones who benefit from having structured or custom cabling installed in their home. This statement couldn't be further from the truth! This technology not only prepares your home for any improvements you might want, but it provides countless other benefits to the savvy homeowner.

In effect, structured cabling "networks" your home allowing you the freedom to connect your internet, television, fax, audio, video and surveillance in a multitude of rooms. With structured cabling you ensure that your house is ready for current as well as future technological advances. As home-based communication, security and entertainment becomes increasingly more sophisticated one can be faced with a tangle of wires running behind furniture and taped to baseboards, OR, one can invest in a property under construction and install a complete structured wiring system.

Advantages of Structured Cabling...

The obivous advantage is all cabling in your house is now internal, making things neat and orderly. Other advantages include high-speed internet from any room, the freedom to move equipment anywhere in your house, readily available connections to any source including satellite, CD, DVD, cameras, monitors, LCDs, Plasma, WAN, LAN. Centrally managed distribution of all cabeling provides the ability to evolve with technology.

When to Call...?

The best time to contact D-Tec is when you have signed your Purchase Agreement and have confirmed the lot and site location of your future property. If that seems too soon to you, the next best time to call is when the foundation is being poured and/or framing is about to begin. D-Tec is familiar with many of the builders within the GTA and Southern Ontario, our technicians are fully bonded and insured, and we are completly comfortable in working alongside other trades to ensure your structured cabling installation is completed as required and on time.

To-date, D-Tec has provided cabling solutions to thousands of satisfied homwowners and continues to be a leader in home cabling solutions market.

What about my Business?

D-Tec installs customs cabling for a variety of corporate clients, including multi-floor industrial complexes, strip malls, high-rise office towers, condominiums, factories, warehouses and rental units. Coupled with our security and access control systems, we manage and monitor secure access to / from buildings through swipe cards and biometrics, elevator entry and floor access, privilleged access to secure areas and restricted access alerts.
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