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D-Tec Systems - we are Southern Ontario's leading supplier of 24/7 Monitored Commercial, Retail & Home Security Systems, Access Control Systems, Audio Distribution, Monitoring - Dispatch Services, Pre-Entry Detection, Video Surveillance, Home / Cottage Remote Automation, Home Theatre Systems, Custom Cabling, and Family Fire Safety. We work directly with Ontario's largest home construction builders and industrial complex developers during framing construction.

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D-Tec Systems
505 Iroquois Shore Road, Unit # 13
Oakville, Ontario
Canada  L6H 2R3

Phone: 905-845-9735
Fax: 905-845-6093

D-Tec Systems
99 Bronte Road, Suite #610
Oakville, Ontario
Canada  L6L 3B7

Tim Deakin
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 227
E-Mail: tdeakin@d-tecsystems.com

Isaac McIntyre
Vice President
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 224
E-Mail: imcintyre@d-tecsystems.com

Elizabeth Deakin
Office Manager
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 223
E-Mail: edeakin@d-tecsystems.com

Brian Deakin
Sales Design Consultant
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 226
E-Mail: bdeakin@d-tecsystems.com

Graham Hall
Sales Design Consultant
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 243
E-Mail: ghall@d-tecsystems.com

Brennan McIntyre
Sales / Technician
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 234
E-Mail: bmcintyre@d-tecsystems.com

Danny Deakin
Sales Design Consultant
Phone: 905-845-9735 ext. 230
E-Mail: ddeakin@d-tecsystems.com

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