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Burnt home

Family Fire Safety

The second theme in our Home Security System design focuses on "Family Fire Safety". We believe this is equally as important as protecting your family from an intruder and an unwanted Break-In.

The insurance industry tells us that upwards of 20% of house fires start in the garage. As the photos on the right demonstrate, this type of fire often becomes highly dangerous due to the fact that it can go undetected for a long time. Coupled with the reality that in today's new homes people (often infants and children) sleep above the garage and you have the potential for disaster.

Our D-Tec system design consultants encourage all our clients to include a Heat Detector in their garage to eliminate this concern. Unlike a traditional fire alarm, a D-Tec Heat Detector is designed not to respond to the exhaust of a car idling for a few minutes and is more appropriately tuned to detect the intense heat generated by a fire.

Security and Life Safety

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