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Commercial, Retail and Home Security Systems

Each year millions of dollars are lost needlessly through theft, fire, employee action, shoplifting and vandalism. Partnered with today's leading home construction, retail, mall, commercial developers and home-audio manufacturers, D-Tec Systems has taken the lead in providing solutions that protect valuable investments.

Structure Cabling Systems

Investing in tomorrow's technology today can result in significant savings in so far as the consumer is better equipped for connecting to the unknown. D-Tec Systems has pioneered solutions to address the following home and business requirements:

Audio Video Home Theatre Telephone

Computer Cabling Satellite Internet

Why D-Tec?

We are southern Ontario's foremost supplier in Commercial / Retail and Home Security Systems. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, we specialize in pre-occupancy (home/building framing) installations. Contact Us to learn more...

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